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Easily Modify Online Time Clock – Administration Link Update

Change time clock

Screenshot on how to change time in time clock

I just completed a new change on where you can easily modify a user’s time by going to the search in the Administration link, enter date range and select “All Time (&modify)”, change info and save.

This makes it super easy to make changes to any information that is submitted because it is all on the same screen. This is a big difference over how it was before. Now it’s all there under the Administration tab where you would normally go to view Total Time and PTO. Changes can now be made with a quick click and save.

You can view the full demo and try it out for free. Then you sign up and try it for 30 days if you’d like. We are also looking for all of your feedback so we can make this the. Est online time tracking system online.

Here is the demo link and thanks for all of your support!!